Chatbot Won The First Place In Facebook Middle East Contest ?

Mohamed Luay Chatbots Leave a Comment

The team is happy to announce that Mr. Ink ChatBot has won the first place in the Middle East and Sub-Sahara Africa Bot contest organized by Facebook under the category of Productivity & Utility. Please watch this video for more details about the contest winners, also you can view the full list of winners from this link.

Mr. Ink is book consultant bot, it can help you with getting more info about books that you have in mind. Imagine that you are in a bookstore and want to know whether to buy this book or not, what to do? do you think that doing Google search or surfing Goodreads will help you there ? will it be ok for you to stand there and do heavy searching and analysis? If you don’t think so then try this bot. Ask him anything you want about that book and it will get you the answer in just a few seconds. Mr. Ink can get you the book rating, info about it, its author, its reviews; and furthermore Mr. Ink can analyze Goodreads reviews and serves them as a concise summary.

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